Where to see Tcha in 2020:

  • Saturday, July 11th 2020  Westgate Arcade, Halifax  12:30 – 14:30  Off again / on again / off again / IT’S ON AGAIN! (as of 9/7/20) 
  • Sunday, August 23rd 2020  Romy’s Bar, Sunbridge Wells, Bradford  BD1 1SD 
  • Saturday, September 12th 2020  Westgate Arcade, Halifax 

Lost to Lockdown:

  • Sunday, May 3rd 2020   The Lantern, Alexandra St, Halifax  HX1 1BS  (curses, Covid19!)
  • Saturday, May 2nd 2020   Conclusion of the Tour de Yorkshire, Byram’s Arcade, Huddersfield  HD1 1ND  (would have been nice!)

Past gigs:

  • February 2020   Romy’s Bar, Sunbridge Wells, Bradford
  • December 2019    The Sparrow, North Parade, Bradford
  • September 2019   Westgate Arcade, Halifax


What has been said about Tcha:

“Thank you TCHA for a lovely afternoon of music”  Romy Needham (Romy’s Bar)

“ Tcha played at Westgate Arcade in Sept 2019 and were outstanding!  Four excellent musicians doing what they love best…and you could really tell!  Diners and passers by were captivated by some wonderful music.  They were so good we have booked them twice for next year!”  David Riley  (Westgate Arcade Manager)